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Originally Posted by Myrkul View Post
Well, in general digital covers are not exactly like the available physical ones.
It lacks copyrights, publishing infos, barcode, catalog number..etc..
A disc label is not a disc scan, seriously.
Okay, I see where you're coming from. Even if there are differences like that I still don't have a problem with adding digital covers, but I definitely think that should be noted: "Disc Label" instead of "Disc," "Back Artwork" instead of "Back," something like that.

What if there aren't any changes, though? I don't have a physical copy of this yet so I can't verify it aside from those crude webstore mockups, but the digital covers provided for SoulEye's PPPPPP arrange album are exactly what ended up printed on the physical.

As an aside, would you feel the same way if there were only a physical release and SoulEye provided these covers? Or is it just because there's a digital release too? (This is just out of curiosity. I'm not going to try to turn this around on you or anything.)

Originally Posted by Myrkul View Post
edit: did not see the other pictures, tell me this is not the disc.. what about the ugly photo manipulation to make it look like it's a real disc, these are not photos, just more digital covers with a fake digital jewel case around.
Yeah, that's why I didn't add them here. If you want, I can wait until I get this in the mail and let you know, but it seems like they generate those silly things with the real artwork.

Originally Posted by dancey View Post
Aren't all these arguments moot points anyway? Shouldn't the digital versions be a child of the cd version (or vice versa, depending on which came first?)
Simultaneous release.

There's no separate entry for the digital version yet, as I tend to be pretty lazy about adding them when they're exactly the same as physical releases. We apparently even have a policy about doing this when they're released at the same time, but we still haven't really figured out how to handle the digital mess.
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