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Originally Posted by CHz View Post
As an aside, would you feel the same way if there were only a physical release and SoulEye provided these covers? Or is it just because there's a digital release too? (This is just out of curiosity. I'm not going to try to turn this around on you or anything.)
This thread is going off-topic now.
But to answer your question, yes i would feel the same way if the release would only be physical. We've been keeping cover-less lots of digital albums because they did not have any cover, and we'r not accepting fan-made covers either.
By the way, if it's a physical release only, there's at least the disc to scan, even if it's a cd-r.
Other solutions are:
Label the digital pictures differently like you suggested, to clearly state the entry is lacking real scans.
Post the digital pictures in the board thread as informations (for example if you'r not wanting to make a reprint).

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