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I was actually just mulling over the question myself before I noticed the thread.

It would be amateur speculation on my part, but I sort of felt it might be Wakai. It's just that there's something to the orchestral swings in this track that remind of the cinematic heaves of Wakai's work on Skyward Sword--specifically the sky over-world theme, with its movie-like crescendos and soaring riffs. Nothing concrete to this sentiment and I suppose I couldn't really call any of the above things part of a style (not least without any supplied aural evidence) but I felt like I noticed whimsical backing instrumentation--spurts of lightly upward flute sweeps, chiefly--common to that theme for the sky in SS and Star Fox, and those things paired with the aforementioned to generate a shared cinematic quality, something that I consider perhaps something of a theme in Wakai's work.

Equally, though, I would totally understand reticence in pointing to Wakai and I wouldn't be inclined to disagree with that reservedness. To my ear, I wouldn't call this piece tonally familiar to Wakai's work on erstwhile Star Fox games--neither Star Fox 64, whose cinematic anthems were supplied by Kondo; nor Star Fox Command, which to me eye didn't elect to champion the cinematic. If it is Wakai, mind, I'm impressed that his music here feels every bit as much written on a clean conceptual canvas for the game's universe as the game's narrative does.

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