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Originally Posted by Crash View Post
Very few TurboGrafx Hucard games got CD releases, and those that did generally just had arranged music. I'm not aware of any albums that have the Bonk's Adventure (or PC Genjin) soundtrack. There is one arranged track for Bonk's Revenge on one of the Hudson annual CD releases (I think it's the 1992 one), and there are a few tracks from Bonk 3 on the 1994 Hudson release.
Thanks! I have seen one person who did cover songs for the NES version , but these are completely different songs than the TG-16, so not helpful at all in the sense that I cannot determine anything about the PC-engine compositions.

I might just have to set up royalties to the original composer and use some format like "Stage 1" , "Water Level" , or something like that is all I can think of. Ugly, but might be the only legal way I can think of performing these.
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