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Originally Posted by Jazz Paladin View Post
Thanks! I have seen one person who did cover songs for the NES version , but these are completely different songs than the TG-16, so not helpful at all in the sense that I cannot determine anything about the PC-engine compositions.

I might just have to set up royalties to the original composer and use some format like "Stage 1" , "Water Level" , or something like that is all I can think of. Ugly, but might be the only legal way I can think of performing these.

Not as of yet, I am still in the middle of 6 Streets of Rage tunes, and then moving on to Out Run, Bonk, and a few more Chrono Tunes. But I just started making a request list, because I am totally for tunes that don't get a lot of loving. So I'll be sure to add Super Bonk.
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