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At this point in time , probably not , mainly since I am still in the red after two runnings of CD's for First Journey and Jazzyvania. CD runs usually cost around 2-3 thousand per run (mostly due to the licensing and art that needs to be done), so until I catch up a bit in making up those costs, physical runs probably won't be happening again for a while.

Which is sad, I really want to put a bunch more songs onto CD's (Streets of Rage, Outrun, Bonk, etc), I personally love holding a physical CD for video game music over streaming, but yeah. It's been hard recouping the production costs of the first two cd's given today's digital streaming age...

But hey, if anyone ever cares to spread the word, it sure helps a lot.

In other more positive news , my 3 year old daughter has been addicted to watching the original Bonk's Adventure the past few days, so this is likely to give me a push in at least making some Bonk tunes see the light of day in some way, shape , or form.
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