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Default Why Does (US) Get So Many Import Album Titles Wrong?

Why Does (US) Get So Many Import Album Titles Wrong?

Case-in-point, Chrono Trigger Arranged Version: The Brink of Time:

They have the title reversed, as in, The Brink of Time: Chrono Trigger Arranged Version.

Not only that, but they're ~!@#$% stubborn about correcting wrong titles; I just sent a product information update, giving them the correct title, and they gave me an e-mail back, saying, "No, we've already researched all possible references, and we've determined we have the correct, current data."

Except I gave them the URL for the entry for this album here on VGMdb (, and if you can't tell, the "Chrono Trigger" part of the title PRECEDES "The Brink of Time."

And this isn't the only instance in which AMZN has incorrect titles for soundtracks; I could go on for days pointing out stuff they've gotten wrong.

I mean, heck, if you're not willing to accept corrections to your catalog listings, why even provide the option?! For ~!@#$% and giggles?!

Anyone else want to talk to these stupid heads (AMZN), and tell them to get their act together?

Here's the link to try and correct the wrong title they have there:

Try your hand! I say we all STORM them!

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