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Originally Posted by Razakin View Post
For me, both of those are wrong titles, correct one for me is "Chrono Trigger" The Brink Of Time, taken from the spines.

But really, who cares how amazon, which does import stuff and asks bloody lot names them album, especially when you can find the album by using the common "Bring of Time".
I sell stuff on AMZN, too, and I want people to find the !@#$ album if they want it.

"Brink of Time" is going to bring up PLENTY more than just the entry for the Chrono Trigger album.

EDIT: Maybe not:

OKAY, here's the proper listing for it:

So, they have one labeled "Chrono Trigger Arranged Version: Brink of Time," and another one, reversed. And the reversed one looks like one that some other shmuck created themselves. Huh.

Maybe I should give the URL for the CORRECT listing for them to compare against, and let them scratch their heads over that?

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