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Default Display Name

Not sure where else to put this.

If the game has an official english name, you may use it instead of the romanized Japanese name (Art of Fighting instead of Ryouko no Ken).
I don't see the point of this. The example is part of the reason why.

The problems: <x> album is not for <x> game (or even <x> market, when a game actually gets an album release in multiple countries), and different titles do not mean the same thing. Art of Fighting is a great example of this, when "Art of Fighting" became the subtitle for Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden.

Titles of a game in other countries really should be delegated to the 4+ lines; they still come up in search, and the display title is still as correct as you can get (especially if you go by the "English" titles found on various albums). It may also be good to remove those lines if... a particular game gets an album release in multiple countries (e.g. Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Kazooie).

I don't know, it just seems ridiculous to use a title that is nowhere to be found on the case as the main display title for that album.
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