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Default OCRA-0029: 25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute

The site, and the download are only a single disc with 18 tracks.

It should be consolidated into a single disc track list.

Also the game is zelda 2 the adventure of link, not link's adventure

01 Chamber of the Goddess [A Link to the Past] 3:02
02 Gimme My Sword! [Link's Awakening / A Link to the Past] 4:53
03 Fushigina Forest [A Link to the Past] 2:48
04 Link's Epoch [A Link to the Past] 3:51
05 Labyrinth of Dance Floors [A Link to the Past] 7:02
06 Hoy, Small Fry! [Wind Waker / Ocarina of Time] 4:06
07 To Everything There Is a Temple of Seasons [Oracle of Seasons] 2:04
08 Skyward [Skyward Sword] 2:41
09 Thunderstruck [Ocarina of Time / Legend of Zelda] 4:01
10 Zelda's First Trip to the "Village" [Ocarina of Time / A Link to the Past / Legend of Zelda] 3:27
11 Village from Your Past [Ocarina of Time] 3:30
12 Hey, Listen [Ocarina of Time / Legend of Zelda] 3:26
13 Last Dance of the Giants [Majora's Mask] 5:00
14 Ilia's Adagio Meets Dark March [Twilight Princess / A Link to the Past] 4:31
15 Ballad of the Wind Fish (Kaze no Sakana Mix) [Link's Awakening] 4:28
16 Lon Lon Ranch (CTPLR Mix) [Ocarina of Time] 3:39
17 Link's Final Battle [The Adventure of Link] 3:26
18 Zelda's Graceful Nightmare [Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask / Wind Waker] 9:13

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