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Smile "Aerith's Theme" For Classic FM Hall of Fame‎

''UK radio station Classic FM’s “Hall of Fame” runs a 300-strong list of the finest compositions as voted by the general public every year, but it doesn’t seem an orchestral video game theme has ever made it into the semi-prestigious collection: and that’s what this movement is trying to fix. Co-ordinated primarily through Facebook and Twitter, a gaming group is making efforts to push Nobuo Uematsu’s “Aerith’s Theme” from cult classic Final Fantasy VII into the Hall of Fame....... (full article)''

I would have chosen One-Winged Angel but it looks like Aerith’s Theme was the choice. Everyone has to choose Aerith’s Theme so there is more of a chance of anything getting through.

You actually have 3 choices (vote here). Mine are:

Nobuo Uematsu - Aerith’s Theme (listen to it here)
Nobuo Uematsu - One-Winged Angel
Nobuo Uematsu - Opera Maria and Draco

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