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Dolby Pro Logic II is really just regular stereo. There are only two actual channels and there is no separate file format for it at all. The decoder receives stereo audio and then fills the center and rear channels based on the phase relation between the two stereo channels while the front left and right speakers play the same audio they would without the decoder. Basically, the more a sound in the stereo mix is panned to the "center" (that is to say equally in both channels) the more it appears in the center speaker, and the more a sound is panned left or right the more it appears in the rear speaker of its respective side.

Pro Logic II also works the same way on any stereo audio, even stuff made before Dolby existed. I guess saying something was mixed for Pro Logic II just implies that the mix was made while listening on a surround sound system with the decoder.

It works really well, in my opinion, to the extent that there have been times I chose to listen to something that had a real surround sound mix by using Pro Logic II on the stereo instead because it sounded better that way. A lot of times actual surround sound mixes hardly make use of the real speakers, but PLII does.
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