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Default CX-7059: LOCKE THE SUPERMAN ~Lord Leon~


And my own booklet (see the scans of the CD print; no there are not my personal scans ^^)
Also thanks to the precious DiscLegend's scan Back for all the romanizations. It would be a pain to find them without it.

Hurry Kimura (written like this on the vinyl) is better known as Noboru Kimura [木村昇] (his real name) or HARRY.

He was the lead vocalist of the band TALIZMAN at first, but he had left already the band when they done the Choujin Locke Lord Leon's album (so that's why he wasn't credited like a member of TALIZMAN for this album).

I don't know if I need to add the special thanks (which are on the vinyl's scan back) in the notes. Maybe it would be too long and not clear.

My opinion about this album: this is for me the best Choujin Locke's album! He has a lot a great songs and Nobuo Kimura's voice is fantastic. Yes, I know, Choujin Locke Cosmic Game is very good too, Hikari no Ken has some beautiful and various music, and the other CD Lord Leon (for the OAV) is excellent, but I really like the disco/new wave music of TALIZMAN. So for me it is one of the best image albums of the 80's (but maybe Pelican Road II is better again ^^).

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