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Default Super Castlevania IV (#815)

Should the sound designer credits here be updated as per strugglepoo's findings if their information has been verified? The post is rather hard to find nowadays, so maybe that's why it never really found wide adoption. Then it would be "Masanori, Oodachi, Souji, Taro" rather than "Masanori Oodachi, Souji, Taro".

Same for the individual artist pages and their aliases which would also be wrong:
Just a thought. :-) Doesn't look like anyone's definitely confirmed Taro Kudo as composer yet?

As a bonus, here's the translated liner notes which, ruling out "Masanori" = "Masanori Oouchi" as a composer since he was in charge of sound effects per strugglepoo's information, confirms that Masanori Adachi also used the pseudonym くそお まさのり (there were musings about this in 2011):
"Although it took us only about a year from the game's conception to its completion, a lot happened during that time. Not only did my approach to the game change, but also my private life, and there was certainly a shift in the social climate as well. Back then, I wrote the pieces while listening to radio programmes on the Gulf War. In the midst of development I always wondered "Can I really do this?" Now that I've done it, I'm astonished at how it all worked out somehow."
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