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Well the intro and ending (not just the credits roll) theme was also different, it had a lot more Dracula Apocalypse feel to it (no wonder one of the composers was the same, but I can't recall his name). I'm also up for a Dracula X SNES release, as some of the songs just sounded better to me on the SNES hardware. I still find the SNES "Illusionary Dance" to be the most powerful sounding version of it up to now.

Originally Posted by NukaCola View Post
- Batman NES (Nobuyuki Hara, Naoki Kodaka)
Now, that's something. I've become a huge fan of Kodaka-kun's work, especially on the Batman games, so I'd be totally over it. His work on the MD Batman was even better. Never a movie game could have such awesome non-movie music.

Ditto for Hiroyuki Iwatsuki. Wild Guns or Ninja Warriors Again just scream to be released
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