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Originally Posted by Kaleb.G View Post
"Although Jets'n'Guns and the Official Soundtrack were released prior to Machinae Supremacy's album 'Redeemer', a number of JnG tracks are arrangements from that album"

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that Redeemer featured arrangements from Jets 'n' Guns? In fact, I recall hearing "FutureMachine" was named as such because it was going to be a future Machinae Supremacy song ("Reanimator").
I don't have immediate verification of this, but it was confirmed by Robert on the Machinae Supremacy forums that the full songs for Redeemer were composed first, and the Jets'n'Guns versions were arranged later. The title of "FutureMachinae" likely refers to the fact that the full version of the song would be released in the future, not that it hadn't been written yet.
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