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A resolution setting of "300 dpi" is optimal since it's large enough to read ALL the fine print of the text, which is important for the translators to be able to clearly make out the JP Characters to make the translations of album details into English.
Using 300 dpi will also give you a handy 1:1 scale ratio for printing, resulting in the same size as the original.

Cropping in Photoshop (or the bounty of free/bundled photo editing programs) is probably the main time consuming part, but getting rid of white borders around your image certainly helps everyone.

Really those 2 steps are about all there is to it, so no tutorial necessary, and there's not much to set as far as a standard other than the Resolution. Just scan with 300 dpi and you're good!

For further reasoning on why not everyone contributes though, some people just don't own scanners. I was already collecting VGM for years before I ever bought myself a scanner, and scanning vgm booklets is still my sole use for it.

My first cheapie scanner gave a horrible green tint to everything, so manual color correcting was a pain until I later upgraded to a better quality one. By that time I had already rotated/sold through a good hundred or so vgm cds by the time I started scanning stuff. (and even then it was only booklets to start with, not trays, or obis, etc like now)

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