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I have a multi purpose scanner printer (Canon MP460) that I used for my scans, I think the scan quality and colors seem right enough, though the black isn't as black as it could be. On the other hand I sometimes see scans which are way too dark, and lots of detail is lost in there. Which is why I don't do color correcting or noise removal at all, sometimes the result just isn't better than before, and I rather keep the quality at the same level for all my scans.

I think my whole collection is scanned right now, I plan to keep it updated when I buy more stuff. Hooray?!

I scanned everything in 300 dpi and kept the size as such for most. Only exception as I recall are few things related to FF12 ost, where the booklet, box etc are larger than regular jewel case size, so I reduced the size to 50% after cropping.

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