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Default Website sources to learn about new albums

Hi! I was wondering what you all use to find your information on Japanese music?

I love vgmdb, but I would like to also learn about non-anime/vg music too.

A long time ago I asked nextday about this and he graciously gave me these links that I still use. But it's been 5 years and I want to update my list. Does anyone have new or different websites they care to share?

Originally Posted by nextday
Shops (these are all custom links except for the last one)
Amazon - Anime
Getchu - Anime/Game
Oricon - Anime/Game/General
Toranoana -Anime/Game
mu-mo - Anime/General
Animate - Anime BD/DVD
Tower - Anime/Game
Vanda - Anime/Game/General (BD/DVD/Music)
Pony Canyon - Anime/General
Geneon Universal Entertainment - Anime

LisAni - Anime/Game (Various)
moca - Anime/Game (Various)
m_79sc - Anime/Game (Digital)
Thank you in advance!
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