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Not from commercials or trailers, used in The Witcher 2 opening cinematic (not the other CG one added in the Enhanced Edition of the game), not found on the TW2 OST. This version originates from the band's 2008 album so I believe it was licensed/used with permission. The song itself is traditional though:
Żywiołak - Ой ти, Петре, Петре (Oj ti, Petre, Petre)
(30 seconds in)

Bioshock Infinite trailer: Nico Vega - Beast

Borderlands intro: Cage the Elephant - Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

(when you finish the game, you can hear DJ Champion - No Heaven)

From my Splinter Cell days: Crystal Method - Name of the Game (SC used it in the intro and a zillion other shows/movies... I mean fuck it, even Charmed used it)

Worth adding that Celldweller (thanks Ramza) has few AssCreed trailer tracks as well - Earth Scraper, Through the Gates, Birthright (Birthwrong Blue Stahli Remix).

p.s. Due to country restriction, I got no access to Spotify so if I've repeated the stuff already on that list of yours, sorry.

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