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Regardless of the choice, I say we add all the possible dates to the notes field. That info is usually hard to find.

I prefer shipping because a contest announcement can be done early before the album is even created, then people recieve it months later. I think this and this are precedents. It isn't 'released' until people can actually have it, no?

Some suggestions:
- Somehow I suck at reading numerical dates and takes me a while to process them. It'd be great if there was an input box after the date status where I could just copypasta stuff like 2010年07月20日, 2007-05-15, 30/03/2010 and some magical javascript would load the day/month/year fields for me. Though it may be a bit too particular feature to add if only I care.

- The from/until dates in the label/artist edit pages use a different format compared to the albums pages, could use some unifying.
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