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Default Forum Rules

I don't think the forum needs a long set of official rules, because I think we all know how to behave, and I don't expected moderation to ever be heavy-handed. However, there are a couple of important rules that should be stressed now that we're seeing more traffic.

1. Please don't post links to where copyrighted content can be downloaded.
  • Notable exception -- if a composer or other rights-holder has authorized a public release.

2. Please don't request mp3s or other digital copies of any copyrighted material.
  • This is especially important in the album/artist discussion threads, since what you say stays with the album forever.

3. Treat people with respect.
  • No, the brevity of this list doesn't mean you can get away with other kind of toxic or illegal bevahior here. If you can't do it elsewhere, you can be pretty sure you can't do it here.

The reason for these rules is that we want VGMdb to remain professional and respectful of the game music industry as well as the fan community. So, anything that violates these rules will either be edited or deleted, and user privilege will be adjusted as needed.
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