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Originally Posted by kyubihanyou View Post
Tomokazu Kudo*
Hiroyo Yamanaka

*There's a Tomokazu Kudo at Capcom who's a Tester/Quality Assurance Manager, but it's probably not the same person.
Tomokazu Kudo is in all probability Tomori Kudo of ACE. Hiroyo Yamanaka of the group uses the stage name "CHiCO," but she's credited with her real name here, so I suspect Tomokazu is Tomori's real name and "Tomori" is just a stage name too. Tomori talks about composing for the game in SEMO's interview, where he also mentions some of the tracks ACE wrote:

Tomori Kudo: Bomberman: The Second Attack, on the other hand, was done by multiple composers including Mitsuda-san and Hiroda-san. ACE composed the themes for the opening, ending, title screen, boss battles, the character Lily, certain stages, and so on. I really liked playing Bomberman, so I remember the composing part went very quickly.

Originally Posted by Blitz Lunar View Post
i wonder why it is that i only previously saw mitsuda and hirota credited?
I believe it's because Mitsuda and Hirota are the only two people GMCL listed the game for, since none of the other composers had artist profiles. At the very least, that's why I only credited those two several years ago.
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