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Originally Posted by LiquidAcid View Post
Interesting. So what exactly are you trying to prove here?
I'm trying to say that, with the current "status" of things, there would be no real reason to not allow the upload of something like digital booklets in their original format (mostly PDF).

Seriously, if there's fear to receive legal complaints because of them, you would be better off deleting the whole scan(s) database. While I definitely like the idea of album-art being preserved, and I've come to contribute a modest entity of scans myself (I like to think of VGMdb as some sort of museum), it's stupid to deny that most of it is part of a copyrighted product... and this copyright extends to such art, too. So, what is currently happening here is still piracy, a smaller... different... form, but still: piracy.

I always found funny (mind: funny, not wrong) how this website doesn't support piracy, yet fails to acknowledge how most of the information it gathers comes from an illegal action, such as unauthorized share/display/broadcast of album-art. EDIT: I guess such things fall under the fair-use policy, can't say I'm too happy with it, though... While a part of me is grateful for the existence of VGMdb and the likes, as previously stated, the other half thinks that this stuff should be "available" only to those who own the album... yeah... exactly how it works for the actual music.
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