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I think maybe one day I'll add some scans for albums that are missing them. But, I'm curious about a few things.

1. What filesize do we want to accept?
2. Is there a DPI that's recommended? (200, 300, 600...)
3. Is it better to scan a booklet with the pages side-by-side, or to do one page in a single image?

I scan single pages at a time, not just laying the whole booklet down in the scanner. The reason for this is that, with booklets that have more pages, the only way you can get the booklet to be flat is to press down hard on it. Since scanners have glass material as their surface, this causes the glass to "bend" a little and your resulting image will not be as straight as you want to because the light mechanism is no longer at a 90° angle with the glass. Or, you don't press down and the booklet is not flat, so the insides of the booklet aren't of good quality. Now, if you remove the staples from a booklet, you can take the pages out and lay them completely flat. Of course, the pages are no longer side-by-side as you'd see them in the booklet, so it no longer makes sense to picture them that way. And then besides all that, I don't like having huge images I have to scroll around or that are sized down even smaller just to fit my screen, having the booklet pages one-by-one just seems nice to me.

But, how do we want booklet scans to be at VGMdb? Do we prefer them to be side-by-side? And then how big? I scan at 600DPI, and while that seems excessive, if we really want hi-res scans then I can upload at that (in JPG of course, PNG is huge).
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