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Originally Posted by smartalex2014 View Post
It's obvious that the actual CD release dates are different from when they posted. When I went to Kinokuniya to special order the SuperSweep CD's, they said it's delayed from the original date.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2+ : Release date - June 28, 2013 (Actual date:July 26, 2013)
Progear no Arashi Music and Art Collection - Feb 28, 2014 (Actual date:March 29, 2014)
Shinji Hosoe Works Vol. 4 F/A remix - Jan 30, 2015 (Actual date:Feb 27, 2015)
The first date is when it is available directly through Supersweep's store via Pre-sale (order must be placed before that date). The second date is when it is available to general retailers. In all of their emails to me regarding CD releases, they always include this, which includes mention of presales in certain stores/events:

タイトルと なります。ご了承いただけますようお願い致します。

Regarding F/A Remix, I know people in Japan (who are not in the industry) who already have the album because they order it through Supersweep's store before the pre-sale date.

CHz, since the pre-sale date for Mamotte Knight Vol. 1 is Feb. 27 on their store website (or Feb. 22 via the event pre-sale), shouldn't one of those be the official release date (rather than the general retailer date of March 27?)

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