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Originally Posted by Jormungand View Post
Would this topic have been responded to differently if I said "I'm looking for anime OSTs with longer tracks"?

Originally Posted by Jormungand View Post
The vast majority of Kanno's anime scores have very few tracks shorter than 2 minutes in length. The few exceptions seem to be special cases, e.g. the Escaflowne movie which has a strict run-time and is a single work rather than a series.
If you look through her discography, you'll see many of her soundtracks are about half-and-half when it comes to short/long cues. Turn A Gundam, for example, probably averages about 2:30 per track... which isn't that long. And yet it's still one of her very best scores. But this is getting off topic, so I'll leave it at that.

Anyways, you should maybe also look into the works of Taku Iwasaki. Many of his soundtracks have 0 tracks under the 2 minute mark and, like Kanno, he's known for writing whatever he wants. However, this also means that his soundtracks are very experimental and don't stick to a single genre. It really doesn't make for a great listening experience in my opinion. He's a genius composer, but in my opinion it's probably better to listen to a curated playlist rather than his complete soundtracks.

Vinphonic's list is a good start, though I'm sure you're already familiar with Matsuo and Sakimoto's anime works.

- Fractale has one of the best pieces ever composed for a modern anime:
- Dantalian is a great chamber orchestra score with every track clocking in at 3 minutes.
- Glass Fleet is great, but the track lengths are deceptive. Most of the tracks are actually 2-3 tracks combined into one (with silence separating them).
- The Heroic Legend of Arslan - he's referring to the recent series with music by Taro Iwashiro, not the older one.
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