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Lat is almost certainly latin percussion. Pt is probably PianoforTe. I think I've heard Junko Miyagi's name in connection with piano before.

Edit: We have a Junko Miyagi in the database, credited with keyboards every time. Could be the same person. Are the kanji the same?

Another Edit: I'm an idiot. I forgot the names on page 7. In order: 2. CLAIRE (Vo), Makoto Kuriya (Piano), Tetsuya Ikeda (Bass), Osamu Matsuyama (Drums), Masahiro Itami (Acoustic Guitar), Obawo Nakajima (Percussion)

23. YOKO TAKAHASHI (Vocal), Toshiyuki Ohmori (Keyboard Programming), Masahiro Itami (Electric Guitar), Shigehiko Saito (Synth Operator)

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