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Originally Posted by Kaleb.G View Post
In my opinion, the vibe of this track is similar to a lot of newer Falcom music, such as from the Legend of Heroes series. Though naturally, it also sounds similar to a few tracks from the Bemani games too. Actually, it just finally hit me that Granado Espada might be exactly what you're looking for. I think ESTi even worked on that soundtrack as part of soundTeMP. Here's a sample track. Though if you like violin in general, check out Masashi Hamauzu's newer stuff.
Hi Kaleb.G. Thanks for the recommendations, I wouldn't have known to look Legend of Heroes Bemani games. As for Granado Espada, I'm quite familiar with that soundtrack, Temptation is one of my favorite tracks, along with die Fuge and A Witch On A Diet.

Anything by Shinji Hosoe or Manabu Namiki of course. You may want to track down the little-known Xenosaga II game rip, which has Shinji Hosoe's music for the game. It was never released on an album.
I will look into it. Thanks.
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