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Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
So I guess it would be like
  • Arranger
    • Music Arrangement
    • Strings Arrangement
    • Orchestra Arrangement
    • Vocal Arrangement
    • Chorus Arrangement
    • Synthesizer Programming
    • Remix

And "Programmer" becomes just "Audio Programmer" without a subrole.
I think Synthesizer Programmers can also be placed in the same category as Audio Engineer, since if we place Synthesizer programming as a sub-role of Arrangement, it also means we have to start to add them in the arranger field for the sake of consistency, but this is something we basically have not done until now (aside of some exceptions). That being said, I actually don't mind crediting Synth Programmer/Operator/Manipulator as Arrangers, especially for DS game soundtracks which often contain both the in-game versions and the original versions.

If one of the main points about this role segmentation is to coincide with how the officially provided (=printed) credits are, any common credit can qualify as a sub-role, so I'd whole-heatedly welcome "Orchestration" and "Lyric Translation", both of which we've already added to the arranger and lyricist fields, respectively (and of course, those manually specified instrumentalists). If there are a number of albums with "Remixed by..." or "Rap by..." credits and we just follow the official credits, I have no issue. Otherwise, I think we're bound to do some subjective judging. I'd like to listen to what fans of vocal music think of.

Another credit that is not so infrequently seen is writing/transcribing/correcting scores of an orchestra. Their roles might be less significant than Orchestrator is, yet I feel like it still can be seen as a more musically substantial position than some others (then again, I really know nothing about orchestra music production, so I could be wrong).

Anyway, I suck at posting a simple message
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