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ilef: actually some of it would not be covered under fair use policy. The information that can be on some of the pages being factual information, sure. The front covers displayed on sites and stores, maybe. The inner art? Nope.

I don't agree with myrkul saying that it is part of the package you pay for. Usually in iTunes you have to buy a whole album at once to get the booklet, as if it were a bonus rather than part of the product itself. I can see where he is coming from if it is with a collector's edition of something that is downloadable and the files include the booklet.

I see both sides and think that it should be allowed at least for now. However if anything goes wrong, the PDFs can be kept on the site but instead of shown as is, can be exported into their individual scans, to be used as the art instead.

Also the PDFs can be quarantined into a non-downloadable area to be used for show only if necessary.

Since many media players lack the ability to show the digital booklets while listening to the music, I think the download of them will be pretty small.
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