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Couple updates.

Non Non Biyori - Hiromi Mizutani (sample) - some relaxing music with an acoustic guitar, recorder and subtle electronics.
Galilei Donna - Shiro Hamaguchi (brief sample) - orchestral and with a decent budget? Can't say much based on 15 seconds but let's hope! (long PV due on 9/19)

Other PVs worth checking for the music:
COPPELION - Mikio Endo (sample 1, 2) - Like his music for K, there's a pleasant combination of strings and piano. This time with some guitar/drums mixed in as well.
Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Masato Kouda (sample 1, 2, 3, 4) - Military themed orchestral music with a chorus. Though it sounds very synthy. Hopefully this is an early version and the final music was not recorded when these were released...
Gingitsune - Tatsuya Kato (sample) - Nice sounding strings with some woodwinds.
Log Horizon - Yasuharu Takanashi (sample) - This is Takanashi meets Sword Art Online. Sounds like we will be getting some Fairy Tail-ish music but without the Celtic rock this time.

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