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Default Gen Ittetsu Quartet (#10427)

I've been separating Gen Ittetsu Strings and Quartet, because strictly speaking the two are different (even though the latter may be a subset of the former), and more importantly, there were preceding separations (Masatsugu Shinozaki Quartet and Yu Manabe String Quartet).

My current problem is Xenosaga Original Soundtrack where Gen Ittetsu Quartet is apparently credited as Gen Ittetsu Strings, whereas Gen Ittetsu Strings are also credited for the string performances.

002. Nephilim
A.Piano : Yasuharu Nakanishi
Strings Quartet : Gen Ittetsu Strings
018. Pain
Original Lyrics : Tetsuya Takahashi
English Translation : Takeshi Mogi & Matthew Zuckerman
Vocal : Joanne Hogg
A.Guitar & E.Guitar : Tomohiko Kira
A.Piano : Yasuharu Nakanishi
Low Whistle : Davy Spillane
Drums : KALTA
E.Bass : Hitoshi Watanabe
Programming & Keyboards : Yasunori Mituda
Strings : Gen Ittetsu Strings
I am at a loss of what to do. We currently only credit Gen Ittetsu String Quartet as the alias of Gen Ittetsu Strings, but perhaps I'll add Gen Ittetsu Strings twice, but link one of them to this unit.
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