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Shikigami no Shiro II Special Pack [ALFA-0001,0002] / 2004-06-02
式神の城Ⅱ サウンドトラック スペシャルパック

Supposedly just a pack with SnS2 OST (this) and SnS2 Naomi Version (this). Also included some illustration cards. Only 200 were made.

However JGML lists the second disc with a different tracklist, so it may not be the same.
I've added a Yahoo auctions image. The first disc is the regular OST alright. The second one can't be seen too well but it seems a to have a different disc artwork.

So it's possible the second disc is an extended version of SnS2 Naomi with more tracks. A "Shikigami no Shiro 2 Original Sound Source (Naomi Version) CD / 式神の城2 オリジナル音源(NAOMI版)CD" was sold by mail (here). I've always assumed it was this, but it could be another disc, the second one in the Special Pack.

The original site with the info was supposedly this: But it's not in the Web Archive.
It's really hard to find any decent info so if anybody knows anything else...

EDIT FROM THE PAST TO THE FUTURE: Thanks Myrkyl for the confirmation.
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