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Originally Posted by Dag View Post
Shikigami no Shiro II Special Pack [ALFA-0001,0002] / 2004-06-02
式神の城Ⅱ サウンドトラック スペシャルパック

However JGML lists the second disc with a different tracklist, so it may not be the same.
I've added a Yahoo auctions image. The first disc is the regular OST alright. The second one can't be seen too well but it seems a to have a different disc artwork.
I think i can confirm a 2nd disc with 25 tracks exist.. as this CD was ripped and found on the web around february 2k8.
The 18 first tracks are identical to the 18 first tracks from this cd, while tracks 19~25 are shorter versions of tracks 19~25 from this cd.

Sadly, i do not have any other informations.
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