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Video Game Orchestra - Rockestral Game Music

Just something I've found while browsing online, it seems to be an event only release that I couldn't find on this site. As far as I can tell, it was given out exclusively at PAX East 2011. If you punch it into Google, all you'll find are download links for FLAC versions of it. However, I've managed to grasp that this is the tracklist:

01 – Fight – Bombing Mission (03:31)
02 – Theme of Laura (03:22)
03 – The End Begins to Rock (04:09)
04 – Super Mario World (Big Band Version) (04:02)
05 – Vampire Killer (04:31)
06 – Kingdom Hearts Suite (Overture, Dearly Beloved, Passion, Hikari) (10:24)
07 – Chrono Cross ~ Time’s Scar ~ (Studio Live) (03:32)
08 – Radical Dreamers (Studio Live) (05:54)
Seems to be two different forms of artwork?

There is also a description from one of the sources. which makes it sound like an entire student orchestra was involved with this.

Available exclusively at PAX East 2011.

While video games attract an ever-increasing audience, the accompanying music is generating a growing audience as well. Founded in May 2008, VGO is the first and only contemporary student orchestra to showcase these interactive media compositions. VGO is a student/alumni-run contemporary orchestra that performs orchestral arrangements of popular video game music. It consists of a symphony, choir, and rock band - the all auditioned 90 student and alumni musicians span from regional to international competition winners. The musicians are from over 20 countries who attend, or are alumni of Berklee College of Music, New England Conservatory, and Boston University. This internationally diverse, multi-cultural orchestra creates a very unique taste in its sound.
As I'm not allowed to post download links, just google "video game orchestra rockestra". There seems to be no trace of this event album on their official website,
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