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Default Shiro Hamaguchi demo CD?

I'm completely unsure whether this is the right place for this particular question, please excuse me if not.

I picked up a weird CD-R at Amoeba Music in LA a few years ago and I keep forgetting I have it. I'd appreciate if someone who can read Japanese could take a look at it and help me to figure out just what it is. In the front of the jewel case is an inkjet printed card, the back is similar, and the CD is labelled with marker and a little printed insert. Here are some photos (if I submit it to VGMdb I'll certainly scan it rather than using these):

Card Front
Card Back
Case Back

You may notice a mismatch between the date on the CD (1999.12) and on the case (2000.01); there are also only 28 tracks on the CD vs the 30 listed on the back. Indeed, there is a One-Winged Angel arrangement on here (seems like the Reunion Tracks version) but none of the FF VIII ones listed, and I don't recognize much else.

I assume it is a demo, but as I can't read most of the text (particularly those two characters after BGM) I'm not sure. So after "what is it?" the next question would be: Should I bother entering something odd, one-off, and mislabelled like this into VGMdb?

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