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Default Episode #009: Capcom Prologue Plus Alpha

Last month, Suleputer Records released a compilation CD titled "Capcom Music Collection Vol.0 - Prologue". The tracks are set up in Chronological order by year of release, and mainly uses only the Stage 1 theme songs from each game selected.

After importing the CD though, I was a bit surprised to see a total running time of only 33 minutes. Surely Capcom could have at least filled up the whole disc, as it was a collection of their own content! So I decided to fill in the gaps on this album for them, taking their 17 tracks and adding 28 more, for a total of 45 tracks now!

I hope you enjoy this expanded collection of Capcom's musical history.
"Capcom Prologue, Plus Alpha!" The full track listing used is posted below in the discussion thread.
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