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Default New features to implement next

In order to encourage more people to visit Game Remixes, I've been resolving bugs and adding new music. I also want to add new features that will be useful to artists and encourage them to use the site as a collaboration tool. After all, a remix site is no good without songs.

Here are some suggestions that I was hoping people might offer their opinions on:
  • Albums
  • Multiple song ownership, to allow collaboration on a mix
  • "Characteristics" of remixes for better searching, such as genre, instruments, key signature, and tempo
  • Improve compos (specific suggestions needed)
  • Improved VGMdb integration (specific suggestions needed)

Please add your own suggestions of things that you might find useful or which would encourage others to visit the site more often. If you have a particular complaint that you think is turning people away, I'm very interested to hear it. There's no problem with search rankings or people coming to the site, but the average number of pages per visitor is very low, at 1.5 pages per visit, which means people aren't finding what they're looking for.
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