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Originally Posted by DjtheSdotcom View Post
I wonder what exactly do you mean with "Albums"? It does sound interesting (for I made one recently), so I wonder how it would work.

Adding some characteristics sounds like a good idea, especially "genre", even if that's sometimes hard to specify. Instead of key signature and tempo, I'd rather add something like "song feel", because people can work with that easier I think. "I'd like to find a sad remix of King Dedede's theme or an upbeat remix of Gangplank Galleon", something like that.
I already implemented a lot in regards to albums, but never published it as compos were deemed to be a higher priority at the time. The testing was never completed enough to say it was bug-free.

An album would be just as you think about it: a collection of songs, in a certain order, with artwork and the usual things that come with albums. They use the existing playlists functionality to allow people to play entire albums.

I don't know of many sites that allow grouping by album, so that might be a good feature to implement first.

By the way, the great thing about "characteristics," whether they be major vs. minor or sad vs. happy, are that you can automatically build a graph of "you might like this remix" listings.
Now you can embed your songs in forum posts and webpages just like this image! Click the image to find out how!

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