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Originally Posted by LiquidAcid View Post
Can you give a source about this influence of phase lag on the stereo image? Because I'm very doubtful that a phase lag of around 0.02267ms can be heard. My guess would be that DAC circuitry, amp, cabling, etc. have more influence on this lag.
I'm also interested in hearing a source if one is available, but I also don't think it could be explained away by circuitry. Digital circuitry does have a big problem with lag. For example, the Pro Logic IIz algorithm for expanding to 9.1 has a lag of around 100ms, which is nearly three frames in a 24p movie. If you don't adjust for that, the lips are out of sync with the sound.

But in the absence of video, in a properly set up stereo system the two speakers should be equally far away from the user. If any lag was introduced by the receiver, then one would expect the same amount of lag to occur in both speakers. Even in the case that one speaker was further away than the other, the speed of light is much higher than the sampling frequencies we're talking about.

I think that one of the keys of this debate is that nothing in the audio chain is perfect. The idea is to eliminate as many errors as possible, because they compound each other. If you play a 44.1Khz CD, you already start with twice as many errors as an 88.2Khz FLAC file has.
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