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Default Miitopia (#10035)

Miitopia (Switch) sound credits:

* Toshiyuki Sudo
* Haruko Torii
* Takuhiro Honda

* Yoshitaka Fujita
* Takayuki Sakadume

As far as I know, Haruko Torii and Takuhiro Honda have never been credited on anything Nintendo related before and they're not on vgmdb, so they may very well be new members of Nintendo's music team.

Same with Takayuki Sakadume but since they did sound with Yoshitaka Fujita who seems to work at/for Grezzo, they may be a Grezzo employee or a contract employee.

I haven't found anything about Takuhiro Honda but I did find some tidbits about Haruko Torii:
- they seem to be graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts
- I may have found their soundcloud.

If they are indeed new Nintendo music team members, that means the company hired a lot of composers these last few years (Maasa Miyoshi, Soshi Abe, Sayako Doi, Masato Ohashi...).
I just hope that means they're expanding their music team and not that they replace composers who would have left Nintendo or have retired. We already have Mahito Yokota who seemingly retired from the composition field (last composition credit in 2014) and does sound support, sound management and helping with music recordings (not explicitely credited but we've seen him on multiple recordings videos) since. And this is still really hard to accept for me lol, I loved his music and orchestrations in Galaxy, Galaxy 2, and Skyward Sword and 3D World... So it would be sad to "loose" other Nintendo composers!
But anyway, I hope all these new composers will do a great job with Nintendo!

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