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Yeah not to many things to be excited about compared to last season here (no Hiroyuki Sawano either???? D: )

Of course Tatsuya and Masaru prove once again that they can effortlessly get work each season as if it's another day in the office. It's pretty safe to call them regulars in the anime composing field now lol.

What really caught my attention is that Go Sakabe will be returning this season. I found his score for Date A Live to be very enjoyable and while KKK wasn't all that special it's probably because of the limitations of the show.

Given the description of the series i'm not expecting much but i'll give it a try either way.
Glad to see Takanashi return again this season as well but i'm rather interested in what Taku will whip up this time.

Gatchaman Crowds has to be one of my most listened to albums of all time so i'm curious if he will go with a similar style or something brand new (since he loves experimenting so much).
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