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Default Harder series to complete: Nippon Columbia or Tokuma Japan?

Both Nippon Columbia and Tokuma Japan produced a series of old classic VGM albums, many of which are difficult to find. The albums for each series in question are below.

Of these two series, which one do folks think is the hardest one to assemble a complete set?

Nippon Columbia

CA-3393 Super Mario Brothers 1. 2. 3. -Hop! Step! Jump!-
CA-3838 Super Mario Land
CA-4378 F1 Triple Battle
CA-4377 Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag
CA-4473 Famicom Graffiti: Nintendo Cartridge Edition
CA-4474 Famicom Graffiti: Nintendo Disk Card Edition
CA-4549 Chikudenya Toubei: Hiroku Kubikiri Yakata
CA-4706 Takeda Shingen
COCA-6327 Game Boy Graffiti
COCA-6648 Insector X
COCA-6675 Fire Emblem ~Character Theme Collection~
COCA-6839 Famicle Parodic 2
COCA-6840 Shiten-Myooh
COCA-6898 Vasteel
COCA-6969~70 Game Music Graffiti
COCA-7049 Dragon Tail

Tokuma Japan

TKCA-30068 Takeda Shingen 2
TKCA-30069 Cyber Core
TKCA-30096 Sindibad: Chitei no Daimakyuu
TKCA-30097 Devil Crash / Alien Crush
TKCA-30155 Teketeke! Asmik-kun World
TKCA-30156 CD Technopolis Vol.1, PC Game Music Collection
TKCA-30276 Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen
TKCA-30298 Blue Almanac
TKCA-30378 Chachamaru Game Music
TKCA-30377 Masaya Omnibus: Langrisser, Gynoug & Head Buster
TKCA-30391 Fire Pro Wrestling 2nd Bout
TKCA-30392 Chaos World

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