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I'd say the difficulty of acquiring each set is enough to scare most people away. In fact, if just 5 people at this site wanted to make complete sets of those, I'd say 4 of those 5 people would never succeed, no matter how hard they tried (there aren't enough copies out there). But I'm talking about people not living in Japan. All of my experiences are based on using the internet to acquire this stuff.

I would suspect that if one had the financial means to stay in Japan for an extended period and hire some help, it would be possible to greatly increase the chances of completing those sets. Most of us here are creating a definition of rarity based on using the internet. Not many people here have experience searching for these albums, in person, in Japan.

Is it really worth it to complete those sets? No, it's not. Some of those albums are stinkers and not really worth the effort. Some of them are decent and worth listening to, but the effort needed to acquire them is hard to justify. Not matter what, no matter how bad some of them are, it is an accomplishment to find them, simply due to the enormous amount of time it takes. It's self-satisfaction taken to extreme levels.


I think both sets are equally voracious in terms of time consumption. Either set is going to push you to the limits of what you can tolerate.
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