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Here's my rating of each album.

Exceptional = Far better than average, worth the price and time.
Decent = Average, has some good tracks. Might be better off downloading.
Stinker = Not worth it. Find a way to download.

Nippon Columbia

CA-3393 Super Mario Brothers 1. 2. 3. -Hop! Step! Jump!- [Exceptional]
CA-3838 Super Mario Land [Decent]
CA-4378 F1 Triple Battle [Exceptional]
CA-4377 Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag [Exceptional]
CA-4473 Famicom Graffiti: Nintendo Cartridge Edition [Decent]
CA-4474 Famicom Graffiti: Nintendo Disk Card Edition [Decent]
CA-4549 Chikudenya Toubei: Hiroku Kubikiri Yakata [Exceptional]
CA-4706 Takeda Shingen [Decent]
COCA-6327 Game Boy Graffiti [Decent]
COCA-6648 Insector X [Exceptional]
COCA-6675 Fire Emblem ~Character Theme Collection~ [Decent]
COCA-6839 Famicle Parodic 2 [Stinker]
COCA-6840 Shiten-Myooh [Decent]
COCA-6898 Vasteel [Exceptional]
COCA-6969~70 Game Music Graffiti [Decent]
COCA-7049 Dragon Tail [Stinker]

Tokuma Japan

TKCA-30068 Takeda Shingen 2 [Decent]
TKCA-30069 Cyber Core [Exceptional]
TKCA-30096 Sindibad: Chitei no Daimakyuu [Exceptional]
TKCA-30097 Devil Crash / Alien Crush [Decent]
TKCA-30155 Teketeke! Asmik-kun World [Stinker]
TKCA-30156 CD Technopolis Vol.1, PC Game Music Collection [Decent]
TKCA-30276 Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen [Stinker]
TKCA-30298 Blue Almanac [Decent]
TKCA-30378 Chachamaru Game Music [Decent]
TKCA-30377 Masaya Omnibus: Langrisser, Gynoug & Head Buster [Decent]
TKCA-30391 Fire Pro Wrestling 2nd Bout [Decent]
TKCA-30392 Chaos World [Decent]
TKCA-30516 F-ZERO [Exceptional]

If I could only choose one Nippon Columbia album to have, it would be Insector X. As for Tokuma Japan, I would choose F-ZERO. It would tear me up to forever lose Cyber Core and Sindibad, but F-ZERO is better.
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