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In general, the quality of the arrangements for both of these series are superior. There is something about these albums that make them fun to listen to. At the time, sound hardware was rather primitive, so composers generally leaned towards making catchy, melodic tunes, which makes the music more memorable, and this was before the loudness wars that have resulted in increased dynamic compression. The engineering is fantastic, and if you're listening on a resolving sound system, many of them sound incredible.

The Tokuma albums are an easily identifiable series, since the spines are numbered 1 to 13, so they lend themselves well to collecting.

Of the Columbia albums, I like Super Mario Land the best. Insector X has unbelievable engineering, and is very impressive, but I like Super Mario Land's melodies better. I like the Graffiti albums, too, but think there are other albums with the same source material that do as good or better job (Toy Music, Game Boy
Music GSM Nintendo 2).

As for Tokuma, my favorite is Devil Crash, probably due to nostalgia. Cyber Core and Chaos World are also fantastic. Teketeke Asmik-kun World is an abomination: it's downright unlistenable.
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