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Originally Posted by Aifread View Post
Didn't know people thought about collecting whole series like this. I just buy what I like to listen to. Only one of these I have is F-Zero and there's only two or three others here I'd even want to get.

My impetus for collecting those was simply to satisfy curiosity. I didn't know if some of them were good or bad, and oftentimes obtaining samples, even low quality mp3 files, was impossible. I had finished the process for finding all of those by 2014 - it had started in 2000. I found almost all of them physically, with the exception of a few Columbia albums, but I did manage to hear them through cd-r trading.

The process was hindered by not having correct album titles for some of them. I estimate I could have finished finding all of them by 2004 if I had had correct album titles.
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