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Default PCCB-00030: Final Fight -G.S.M. CAPCOM 3-

OK, now this is where the confusion with these albums really sets in.

From midiplex (

ファイナルファイト -G.S.M.CAPCOM 3- (ポニーキャニオン)

Final Fight is included, which would explain why Shimomura has been tied to the game in some places. Unfortunately, the extent of her participation is unknown thanks to the other game being included in the set, and as a result the credits make it look like she was fully responsible for the original composition of both games, since nothing like "2曲" is included in the statement. The ※ seems to indicate roles where her involvement was small (points to Breath of Fire and Street Fighter Tribute Album).

Also, I believe H. Takaoka equates to Hifumi Takaoka. It can't be Harumi Takaoka because she was known as Debara Tarumi or Harumi Ihara at the time, and with M. Gotoh and J. Tamiya among the credits it's less likely that an alias snuck by. Hifumi and Harumi are also credited separately on the Sweet Home soundtrack CD. (

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