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AEON is extremely rare, but I can point you to someone who has it.
Register, pm this "darktruth" guy, he might still have this and as far as I know from another forum he was interested in selling some of his CODE ZTS LABEL albums, not sure whether he still is. He's very nice and responsive, it's from him that I got my music for AEON, Snow Moon Flower and eleison through an Mp3 exchange. Good luck. If you want I can pm him as well.

As for me I have VAGUE2 (bought 2nd hand, but basically in perfect condition with obi). I'm not interested in money for it.
If you can provide music from Conceit Orbit, a lossless rip of VAGUE3, Parhelia (it's purchasable in various stores) and TURN R as well as full scans for these and Snow Moon Flower for VGMdb, I'm going to send VAGUE2 to you. I think it's a good deal. VAGUE2 I have only seen once in 6 months in only one store at all.

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